5 facts about Jessica Kayanja’s wedding gown


Last Saturday, pastors Robert and Jessica Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre renewed their vows as they marked their 25th wedding anniversary. The colorful ceremony was officiated by Dr Rob Thompson at Miracle Centre Cathedral. A lot has been said on social media about the wedding gown thanks to a photo shared by one of the guests in attendance.

Here are five facts you need to know

  1. There was a dress rehearsal and the dress fit perfectly. Even on D-day, it still did. There was never a wardrobe malfunction in the first place. Just a picture taken from the wrong angle.
  2. In fact fittings were done several times. Not once. So there is no way they could have ignored the ill-fitting backside of the gown as portrayed.
  3. Both the client (Jessica Kayanja) and designer are happy. Some sections of social media had wrongly heaped the blame on the designer.
  4. How about we all appreciated the cause, the art, creativity and effort she put into the event? How about focusing more on congratulating the couple on 25 years and more of holy matrimony?
  5. She made a very beautiful bride marking 25 years in marriage. Social Media critics will always talk.


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