About the boring Tugende Mukikadde red carpet


The fire started by the Tugende Mukikadde concert is finally dying down. The praises heaped on the organization, the awesome performances and the overall production is slowly waning. It was a big success. But we cannot be blind to the fact that it was one event that promised much on the red carpet but did not deliver at all. It was boring. The theme of the event was all about going back in time. It was not just about the music but also the dress code.

It was a day to get out the outfits that were big hits back then, dusting them off and hitting the red carpet in style. You may argue that not everyone who attended the event was old enough in the 80s. What happened to making custom made outfits or simply shopping for bell-bottoms, Afro wigs, gloves, silk shirts, lace and penny loafers among other ideas? C’mon Ugandans! We can do better than this. We need to learn to respect themes. We try when it comes to baby showers but why not other events? But it was not all bad. There are a few that turned up looked like they prepared for the do. Worth mentioning are Mr and Mrs Shonga went for custom-made outfits. They even had one of those vintage Nokia phones that had long aerials. Talk about killing it! The ushers were all-colorful and wore afro wigs. Next time sponsors like Uganda Waragi should think of spicing up such gigs with prizes for best dressed. Then maybe guests will put their best foot forward according to the theme. But total points go to the evening’s host, Andrew Kyamagero. He had a mini show going on. Here are some photos from the event.


Fashion designer Leila Nankya (C) with her family
#PowerCouple These two never disappoint
A number of men opted for suspenders. Smart choice
The ushers brought it!
The Shongas rocked!
Andrew Kyamagero and his mini show


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  • Sharon

    i agree, the theme was very abandoned.