Do not chase every trend


Recently, I got involved in a heated debate with a friend. Apparently she had nothing sexy 2deto wear to a party but as I went through her wardrobe, I came across this beautiful black bandage dress.

She tried it on and looked really beautiful, but said it was out of style so she could not wear it.

Dear ladies, just because a style is no longer popular on the red carpet or Elle magazine says it is out of style does not mean you should throw it away. It is all about how great you look and how it makes you feel on the inside.

Truth be told, not many of us can afford to buy the latest designs as soon as they hit the market. Even if you are able to get what the top designers have for this year’s spring/summer collection, there is no guarantee that they will look good on you. Getting caught up in chasing trends can result in wearing the most recent outfits but looking so off in them. Someone wearing what could be termed as ‘last season’ but turning eyes towards her is way better.

2de 2The trick is to not buy the obvious looks when a trend hits town. For example, the gladiators were an in thing but up to now you meet someone showing off a pair of well-manicured feet in subtle gladiators and you cannot help but notice.

Would it be the same for the knee high gladiators? No. If you live in NYC and follow trends, maybe. But if you are in Kampala, you bought the right outfit and still look as hot in it as you did last year, go on rock it. To hell with chasing trends.

Meet Samson Baranga aka BigSam. He is a passionate photographer, writer, blogger, biker and his passion for fashion knows no boundaries. He is also a fashion columnist in The Observer newspaper.

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