Why did Don Zella wear a white suit for her all red event?


Last night two parties happened with walking distance of each other. Zari’s All White Party was at Guvnor while Don Zella‘s Gal Power party was at Club Play. The dress code was all white and red for the respective parties. So why did Don Zella wear a white suit – the colours of the rival party?  All she had was a red ribbon around her white hat while her guest  Hamisa Mobeto wore a red gown. Another of her guest Mama Fina wore a blue gown and and a a red choker. The night’s emcee DJ Nimrod (Galaxy FM) chose a white t-shirt with red words plus a white and black jacket! The rest of the revelers wearing white may be excused because they possibly turned up late and found Guvnor packed to the brim and decided to seek refuge at Play. but why would the host not adhere to the dress code? Maybe there was never a dress code after all.

Here is what happened at Club Play

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