Fashion at TUMA 2017


The red carpet at The Uganda Music Awards (TUMA) was a slide show of fashion. Not to be harsh, but I was left yearning for more when it came to the fashion bit generally. Had the ASFAs 2016 red carpet never existed, perhaps then I would have been overly contented with what my eyes were fed on. It’s safe to say that majority kept it simple and clean despite the expectations of lots glitz and glamour at the event.

Being an evening of celebrating Ugandan music, majority embraced the theme and incorporated the African touch to their outfits. The most popular trend being that of African Print (Ankara) dresses and shirts. It seemed the easiest way out for many. The kaftans and head wraps too were relatively common with the ladies. Some fused modern material with the Ankara print and gave birth to a spectacular outfit. For instance, the first dresses the hosts Miss Deedan and Lillian Mbabazi wore were breath taking and in sync with the theme.

Others opted to be modern in their looks. The very outstanding ones being that of model scout, Joram Muzira who wore a burgundy cloak and NTV Style Project’s Bettinah Tianah who was clad in an army green jumpsuit with splits and a coat. The likes of Brian Ahumuza, Sheilah Gashumba, Solomon Tazibone, Natasha Sinayobye, Captain Mike Mukula, Malaika Nnyanzi, Vee Viccy, Amito Lagum, the H2C dance group among others as usual lived up to our expectations. Being the first edition, we shall let it pass but pull up your socks for the second one. Its an awards show not a wedding. Here some images from the event.

Joram stole the show with this outfit by designer Abbas Kaijuka
The event’s hosts Lillian Mbabazi and Miss Deedan dressed by Mosaic Fashion House and Fatumah Asha respectively
Denim. Boots. Vans. Casual
Kasuku in an African print inspired outfit
Antwan obviously put in effort for this look. Well done, sir.
Evie Atim dressed by Fatumah Asha #CleavageGame
Another memorable look of the night
Denzel (C) looking dapper as always. He is joined by equally smart buddies for a photo moment
Miss Deedan killin it! Dress by Fatumah Asha
Joe Kahiri wore a suit to the event. Let that sink in
Singer Coopy Bly and his wife. Check out how the suspenders match with her dress. Impressive
Ellah and Jaylor. Friends that slay together….
Crystal Newman wore red for the red carpet
Solomon and Bettinah

Meet Samson Baranga aka BigSam. He is a passionate photographer, writer, blogger, biker and his passion for fashion knows no boundaries. He is also a fashion columnist in The Observer newspaper.