Kizza Besigye’s FDC launches footwear


Suspended Makerere University don Stella Nyanzi is in the news again. This time it is for dressing up. Not another nude protest. It is common knowledge that she is an ardent supporter of Dr. Kizza Besigye and the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party. Since the elections 18th February presidential elections, Nyanzi has used her Facebook platform to call for an audit into the presidential elections results. She is Team Defiance. “I am proud to be associated with the on-going Defiance social protests. We now have the government shaking with panic! Wanatetemeka, wanatetemeka, wanatetemeka, wanatetemeka!” she posted yesterday before making the big reveal. A pair of shoes in FDC colours of white blue, black plus colours of the Uganda flag. They have the FDC logo on the sides and Besigye’s face on the front. The footwear came with a matching purse but she did not post in online. We shall share the photos as soon as we land on them.

“In that spirit of solidarity, a comrade in the struggle against illegitimate presidency – Dr. Enoq Omwanawomwanawomuntu Etwino Sabitiira surprised me with a gift of FDC shoes and a FDC purse. I celebrate this solidarity and oneness. One people, one Uganda!” she concluded her post with photos of the shoes.  This has sparked off talk that FDC is possibly set to launch a clothing line beyond the supporter t-shirts. Dr Sabiiti could not be reached for a comment. Could this new development take defiance to the runway? We are watching the space keenly.

Stella Nyanzi  shows off the footwear
Stella Nyanzi shows off the footwear

stella nyanzi

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