Flaunt it all you want



Dressing up is not all about covering your body. I assume that you already know that.

Ever seen a lady who wears long skirts and pants all the time but the day she decides to wear something that shows some leg, you all be like, “Where have you been hiding those?”

If you hear that comment, learn that whenever you hide those legs, waist, cleavage or even the face, you will be doing yourself a disservice.

I am not saying you go all ghetto to the levels of indecent exposure or to wear a crop top to that board meeting. There are appropriate times to show off what your mama gave you and never miss that opportunity. Ugandan women are curvaceously gifted. So why not flaunt it?

DSC_2578I am not going to tell you to stay within the DSC_6729boundaries of your body shape when choosing clothes. Thinking of yourself in terms of hourglass, figure eight, an apple, pear or coke bottle shape, will help you not to cross the line, but it is better to focus on the aspects you love not on the ones you must cover up.

So, pick a dress that will support and enhance your bust, wear something to show some leg, pull your hair back sometimes so we can get to a clear view of your eyes and facial features. Flaunt your behind in fitting jeans or flowing dresses; show off your arms in short sleeves. Do not let your time spent in the gym go unnoticed. Most importantly, wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident. Go on and flaunt your curves!

Meet Samson Baranga aka BigSam. He is a passionate photographer, writer, blogger, biker and his passion for fashion knows no boundaries. He is also a fashion columnist in The Observer newspaper.