Invest in a strapless bra



straplessIt is finny how a simple undergarment can spoil an otherwise would-be great look. A case in point is the bra.

Many people pay attention the fitting – which is very important – but not so much to the straps.

That explains why the disgusting look of bra straps peeking their ugly eyes underneath a strapless dress is common.

If you are going to wear a strapless dress or top, do not leave the house unless you are wearing a strapless bra underneath.

You are better off going bra-less if you can pull that off than kill the look with a bra with straps.

The unease or fear of having a strapless bra fall off could be the reason some women are not familiar with the undergarment. But they are designed to prop your mounds up steadily.

To avoid that awkward moment when you feel the need to hide behind a friend to subtly adjust your bra, here are a few tips.

The most important reason for the fall could be the fabric. So invest in a high-quality strapless bra because the fabric and quality of the bra is one of the major reasons why your bra may be falling.

This kind of bra must also be the right size. Stores such as Woolworths offer free services to ladies seeking to know their bra sizes.

Alternatively, go for a strapless, long-line bra that covers your full torso, or up to your rib cage. This makes it hard for it to slip.

Many opt for the clear or transparent straps – a highly recommended option – but if you can go totally strapless, the neater.

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