Kaymu in selfie stick promo


Many of  us love taking selfies. Don’t we? But what is a selfie without a sefie stick especially if the picture involves many people?

That’s why Kaymu Uganda has announced a great offer on selfie sticks. For only Shs 50,000 you can buy an original selfie stick.


In this era of e-commerce, smartphones, and social media, the selfie is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Described as a smartphone or webcam-photograph that one has taken of oneself, selfies are known to be taken typically for use on social media. And with the current rise of Instagram, selfies have really taken the city by storm, spreading faster than wild fire.

The emergence of selfie sticks has also made selfies all the more easier. This new-age tool is nothing short of convenient as it acts as a monopod for your smartphone, allowing you to capture a wider or more diverse scope of you and your environment without having to bother someone else to. Selfie sticks enable you to also include a greater number of people in your selfie since the human arm is not built to stretch that far out. In regards to photographing and selfies, this accessory spells out convenience for any smartphone holder.


Be it views, reposts, likes, comments, retweets, you name it! As long as it builds on your idea of relevance in society, the selfies can keep going up. Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter make this all the more possible. Another reason would be requiring the attention of one person in particular. With platforms such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, you can zone in on your person of interest and send them a selfie to derive some sort of feedback.

Before you ponder on what the world is becoming, it is best we all come to terms with the harsh reality that selfies are a global trend, and chances are they are here to stay. Just like normal pictures, they allow us to capture the moments we treasure and then share. At the end of the day, these moments help us build memories worth reminiscing both on and off social media.

So go make your selfie experience awesome.

Get your Selfie Stick here on Kaymu for only 50000 UGX. Here is a direct link http://www.kaymu.co.ug/universal-bluetooth-controlled-selfie-stick-130042.html

Now, let’s take a selfie…



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