Lets talk hand bags


A look is almost incomplete without a bag to accessorize it. It’s a woman’s siren call symbolizing influence and delivering a message amongst the female language. Whether it’s the latest IT bag or the handed prestige of a sentimental tote. Handbags can navigate all the stereotypes of femininity, class and tradition.

The handbag, whether fashionable or functional, and what it contains is intensely personal. Over the years, it has been looked at as an investment, been called a survival kit and a precious object. It can be practical and utilitarian or luxurious and frivolous. For some, it’s the ultimate in the commodity fetishism – a status symbol that confers belonging. Others get by without one at all.

When spotting a youthful and chic look, shoulder tote bags are a perfect option. It’s usually larger than the regular handbag and is often used for your shopping escapades due to the wide bottom design and larger capacity. It’s popular with teens and women who are always on the go. It’s a practical and utilitarian option that will surely get you through a long day’s work.

How about cross body bags that combine luxury leathers with intricate stitching, tussle details and in vast prints? The fine leather tussles; the compact internal clips, the beautiful linings and the delicious smell of real leather are definitely irresistible to the modern maidens who are sophisticated and straight forward. It’s stylishly wearable and comfy too.

When it comes to picking fancy evening bag for a glam occasion, the most timeless and versatile style being a simple black satin or metallic clutch. Pick one with a jewel on the clasp only, to add a little sparkle to it while keeping it classy as it goes effortlessly with everything.

The straw basket is ideal for the beach lovers. It should be a little more playful than the rest of your bag collection. A simple one of these looks chic but creative details that give it vintage or ethnic appeal can work as well.

Every female’s wild card is the casual day bag as it gives one the freedom to show off their personal style. From the rock n’ roll studded hobo to a sporty messenger to a sleek white patent clutch. Switch things up and work this bag into your usual routine. It’s a great way to kick up your style.

The color bag is basically a breather of life in the outfit. Resist the temptation of matching it with your clothes. Instead opt for a shade that’s on the opposite spectrum of colors you wear so as to create a contrast.

To crown it all up is the iconic bag – to be exact, the designer bag! The likes of the highly coveted Chanel bag, Hermes Birkin bag, Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, Valentino Garavani etc. These bags can stand on their own – perpetually making a statement and outlasting any trend. They are not cheap, that is, if you are buying an original one.

Simply put, a fashionable female should have a variety of bags; from the casual day bag to the iconic bag.

Meet Samson Baranga aka BigSam. He is a passionate photographer, writer, blogger, biker and his passion for fashion knows no boundaries. He is also a fashion columnist in The Observer newspaper.