Long live the pencil skirt


The pencil skirt has been here for some time. It is nothing new, but something about it has changed over time.

Have you noticed that they have become super tight on the curves and the curve continues all the way to the knees and beyond? No? Well, I have. For obvious reasons.

Uganda is known world over for her curvaceous women among other things. Step aside Kim

Kim rocks a leather pencil skirt
Kim rocks a leather pencil skirt

Kardashian! Need I add Amber Ross? We have our own Desire Luzinda and the chic on the block Winnie Nwagi among others.

So the skirts became a big hit on the market because take it or leave it, they are great for showing off the curves.

But did they have to be like that at the bottom, making it hard for some women to walk? Anyway, whether they walk or not, it is not my business.

But what onlookers cannot stand is all the cellulite threatening to burst out of the fabric. Before you step out of the door, first check yourself out; if you see the seams threatening to burst due to the weight of all the fat collected during Christmas, do us and yourself a favour by changing attire. Didn’t we discuss wearing what flatters your body? Anyway, it is not my call to decide for you what to wear or not but you are better off sticking to what flatters your body.

The ‘dimples’ are getting in the way of showing off your hips.

Depending on the length, fabric and whatever you choose to wear it with, the pencil skirt is a great addition to your wardrobe and can pretty much make it out of the office to an evening out with the girls.

However, pay attention to how well it fits you or you risk looking trashy instead of classy.



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