Mix and match well


Picking your outfit is entirely up to you, and many people may not find a problem in that section.

But clothes come in colours, and that is where the problem lies for a lot of people. Have you ever looked at a lady and all the colours in her getup make you feel dizzy and cause an instant headache?

Sometimes brothers use the term ‘Christmas tree’. So how about you save yourself the embarrassment and us, the headache, by doing a little research about colours and how to match, mix, contrast, etc; the colour wheel is too big a subject to be covered here, but for the dot.com fashionista, there is an app called SwatchMatic for Android phones or ColorSnap for iPhone that will clear the confusion about how to pick colours to go with your new turquoise top.


First you need to get the basics.

Go back to and remind yourself about primary and secondary colours. Or you can download and pin a colour wheel on your wall. It will help with the days you want to wear warm, cool or contrasting colours.

An example of a color wheelFor example, blue and orange, or red and green (complimentary colours) create a high contrast, so choose from that side of the wheel when you want to stand out.

After mastering the colour-pallet you will understand how to put together an outfit of blue, yellow-orange and red-orange or how to match a high contrast red, yellow and blue, of which you have let one of the colours dominate and accent with the other two. Using equal amounts of the colours, especially if they are more than two, can make the outfit look unbalanced. Mastering the art color coordination takes time. If you have been labeled colour-blind, it is time to seek help from the Internet or a friend. color match

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