Shree look hits Kampala


Golden-punjabShree is the story of a timid, naive and fearful girl of the same name who lives in Janakpur, India.

As her love affair with Hari from Mumbai grows, things take a different twist.

There is a spirit of a girl which hovers around Hari which loves him so much that it cannot bear any other girl in his life.

The story’s twists have made the soap so popular on Bukedde television that it is perhaps the reason more people are embracing the ever so flattering Indian wear as they emulate their stars.

At least this is what Bharat Patel tells us. His Chetna shop on Luwum street has made designs for over 5,000 brides.Attend any introduction ceremony, and you won’t miss the Sari as a changing dress, fully matched with bangles and a Tikka.The look is completed with a low neck, open back short sleeve blouse (choli), although the most common style is to have the Sari wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder.It’s a great way of adequately displaying curves and with the right choice of fabric like silk, satin, velvet or cotton, it is winning attire.Other styles include only a skirt and blouse (chanyacholi) for casual wearers, although the top can also be matched with a trouser.


A head drape (shuka) can complement these casual attires and for accessories, look no    DSC_2977further than bracelets, anklets, hair flowers and the tikka -the hair accessory that dangles in the face plus a matching handbag.

The Punjabi is the men’s favourite.  I think every man should own a hand embroidered silk Punjabi suit with matching simple flat shoes. The intricate patterns and meticulous craftsmanship involved have made them a big hit here and other countries whose natives are not of Indian origin.

You don’t have to break the bank for this look. Patel can hook you up for Shs 150,000-200,000. As for the Sari, you will have to part with Shs 150,000-400,000 depending on the fabric and design.

(This article was published in The Observer)

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