Standout kings of 2017 #fashionkillers


Ugandans nolonger just turn up for events. If an event is considered big, a lot of preparation happens behind closed doors. When it comes to ‘slaying’ and standing out of the crowd, we have put together a list of the kings of uniqueness. These dudes don’t play and hate anything called basic.

Brian Ahumuza

Besides being the brain behind the Abryanz Collections franchise, the youthful lad is a trendsetter. He knows what to wear to an event and he never fails to make a statement. The black Roman Tunic paired with sandals that he wore to the Rolex Festival at the Uganda Museum caused such a stir on social media. How about the pajama-inspired overcoat? Brian is on top of his game. Being a stylist of big names and a renowned collector, he is expected to walk the talk. Being the brain behind the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) is more reason for him to bring it whenever he steps out.

Emolsa Haasacha

One of the people to looked forward to at red carpet events is Emolsa of Emolsam DNA. For him, basing is too boring and he does not believe in fitting in when you can stand out. He always has a mind blowing outfit whenever he steps out. Seen him the past couple of ASFAs editions? Last year’s outfit was lit-literally. How about his zebra inspired outfit for the last edition (2017) of Blankets and Wine?

Joram Muzira

He is the godfather of the modeling industry thanks to his Joram Model Management. He is the King of Queens. Joram knows how to put his best foot forward. He was big on custom made jackets but of late he has turned to cloaks and boy he is rocking them! He appears on this list for his bold, daring and unique sense of style. The cloak he wore to the Uganda Music Awards was a spectacle. It even got Tina of Scoop on Scoop talking!

Abbas Kaijuka

The re-known stylist kept us on our toes all year round. His African print outfit merged with velvet that he wore to the Uganda Entertainment Awards is forever stuck in our minds. It was such a unique and out of the box red carpet look although some individuals seemed to have mixed feelings about it.

Solomon Tazibone

The NTV style project presenter is allergic to being basic. It’s clearly portrayed in his choice of clothes. Each day of 2017 was a fashion show in his world. The Pajama-inspired look for the ASFAs was a major talking point. Simple and laid back, he surely got everybody’s attention. The award-winning celebrity stylist is addicted to looking good. He loves layering and a good blend of colours. He is also totally ripped and you will catch him showing off the results of his gym work. With the launch of his personal style blog, things can only get better.

Renzioni Hill

He is a renowned skin care expert. He coined the phrase “basic like grass” among many others. Clearly you cannot mention Renzioni and basic in the same sentence. He is one of those fashion designers who like to look perfect from head to toe. He dared the HompHim and totally killed it.

Kaijuka Abbas
Muzira Joram
Brian Ahumuza


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