The Emirates came to Kampala and we captured the action


January is tight because spending power is low after all the happenings of December. That can partly explain why there is lack of big events on the social calendar.

While one may expect even theme nights to flop, organisers go on to pull surprises by attracting a sizeable crowd.

Take A Night in the Emirates that took place at the Bukoto-based Cayenne on Friday night. As expected we were there to capture the action.

Guests at the event
Guests at the event

The theme night has been around for the past couple of years. It has been taking place at Club Venom but the hostess Nikita Bachu and her husband Gareth Onyango recently quit, starting their own company, Flames Events.

The change in venue did not affect the turn up. The theme is about showcasing the fashion from that

Nikita Bachu and Gareth Onyango
Nikita Bachu and Gareth Onyango

side of the world and a few guests made the effort to follow the dress code. Those who adhered to the dress code being few, it made shooting from the red carpet quite a bore. But someone had to do the job.

Most of those that looked the part were friends and acquaintances of Nikita (also celebrating her birthday) who looked dapper wearing gold from head to toe with matching head gear.

Her date? Well, Gareth wore a black and white tuxedo complete with a bow tie. His interpretation of the Middle Eastern look! This is a word of advise to Ugandans especially those that are known party animals, please try your best to check out the theme of the event before you turn up. It is not a must that t-shirts and jeans should be worn to every event.

Well, revellers ‘popped’ bottles all night long as belly dancers wriggled away and left the male patrons begging for more.

The night’s emcees Isaac, Sheila Saltofte and Kats kept the hype right.

The guest DJ Shady, a UK-based Ugandan, took to the DJ’s box and revellers partied until the sun came out on Saturday morning.

A belly dancer entertains the guests
A belly dancer entertains the guests

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