Trash or not? Check out the controversial Vanessa Ikwang collection


The trash talk following the Africa Day fashion showcase has died down by now. Or has it? There are sections of fashion lovers who are still unhappy that Sylvia Owori used the TV Show Style Project to refer to designer Vanessa Ikwang’s collection for the night as trash and cheap. Apparently she said if one of the models wearing her outfits had passed by someone smoking, the fabric would have caught fire.  Some of Ikwang’s clients decided to share some of the outfits they got from the budding designer with the hash tag “TrashByIkwang. Some went all out and dissed the show and its hosts. Kojo, a renowned wordsmith referred to Sylvia as fossil in the fashion industry trying her best to stay relevant.  “I know this industry thrives on staying relevant no matter the cost but Sylvia you’re now a fossil when it comes to fashion matters try another hustle…try something that shakes the whole industry -Leak your nudes…Leak your sex tape…do a threesome at your boutique invite us to watch but please walk away from fashion like virginity walked away from you,” he posted on his Facebook timeline.

So how V.I receive the news? This is what she had to say.

 “When I was told at first, I didn’t think it was that big a deal until texts and phone calls came in like crazy. The deal breaker was when my Ssenga (aunty) called me asking me if there was anything personal between Sylvia and I like sharing a man!  I said no. She said Sylvia spoke like there was something personal. It was beyond critiquing. I was somewhere near Kings Gate Mall Kabalagala, I broke down and wept. I felt sooo bad at that moment. I picked myself up like 10 minutes after went straight home, told my mum what had happened and slept off immediately”

 It is said that there could be bad blood between Vanessa and Sue Tumusiime the episode’s guest that could have sparked off the on-air attack.

 “I can’t stop thanking God for Sylvia and Sue Tusiime for rubbishing my collection! It’s opened doors for new clients and even the old ones I forgot about are back!” she responded when asked if she was planning a response.

 Many people did not get a chance to see what has since become called the Trash Collection. Your number one fashion blog got you covered. Here are photos of the collection shot during the runway showcase. Be the judge.

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