Wearing Kitten Heels the 2017 way


Love them or hate them, the world’s most controversial shoe has made its way back. The thin, low heels have had the most awe-inspiring fashion renaissance. Top fashion labels have revamped this classic style that paid homage to their greatest ambassador: Audrey Hepburn.

The kitten heel, introduced in the late 1950s, was Audrey Hepburn’s style of choice when it came to footwear. Today, the likes of Manolo Blahnik, Dior, Cèline among others have recreated it for a newer generation with a nostalgic yet fresh and super comfy touch. The style has been popularized recently by Theresa May, Michelle Obama, Rachael Butler and Maria Kearns.

Hoping to go for a laid-back, dainty evening look a pair of black kitten heel sling backs paired up with your little black dress or alternatively a relaxed mid-calf pleated dress shall make you the belle of the girls evening out.

Do you have a wedding or graduation coming up and you have no idea on what to wear? A pair of sleek pastel kitten heels are the cherry on the cake. Finish the look with a floral, ethereal dress and a bold statement clutch.

The tee lovers are not left out with this trend. Matter of fact, kitten heels are a perfect option for a street style look. Partnering them up with straight-leg cropped jeans or flares and an oversized bomber jacket would be an interesting look to try out. It’s safe to say that this trend is best worn with jeans.

Basically, there are simply three commandments to pulling off this one.

  1. Keep everything else simple. Leave the shoe to enjoy its shine, keep the rest minimal.
  2. Settle for conservative hemlines.
  3. Do not be afraid to make a statement. Go all out with confidence and have fun turning heads with your kitten heels.


Meet Samson Baranga aka BigSam. He is a passionate photographer, writer, blogger, biker and his passion for fashion knows no boundaries. He is also a fashion columnist in The Observer newspaper.